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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Remember the name Alvin Foo 5 comments

Incredible! Comparing Temasek to Berkshire Hathaway and concluding that the former has outperformed the latter!

I have no problems with an incredulous claim if there's solid evidence to support it. But like somebody else from another forum has said, how can you conveniently use Berkshire's share price as an estimate of its return when it is a function of the market, and then use another measure for Temasek which is an unlisted group? The correct way to measure it would be to sum up the market value of all Berkshire's listed stakes and do an estimate of the value of its unquoted stakes, then do an apple-to-apple comparison to Temasek. I'm sure it will be much more accurate (and uncomplimentary to the latter).

Obviously Alvin Foo doesn't have the time to do that. And it just gives me the impression that they don't have the moral/intellectual courage to justify a preposterous claim with equally compelling evidence.

I'll be watching you. Or rather, I won't be reading you after this, my Foo.




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